Carpet Cleaning Guide

Getting To Know The Different Carpet Cleaning Methods


It is when you will opt for your carpets to be cleaned by a professional on a regular basis that it is also the best way to prevent bacteria from growing. This is because it is the professional carpet cleaning services that use industrial equipment and techniques to ensure that your carpets will be as clean as ever. It is also when a professional will clean your carpet that any type of moisture will also be removed as this can cause bacteria to thrive. In this article, however, we will be talking about the different carpet cleaning methods that you can choose from.


The very first type of Carpet Cleaning in Las Vegas  method s what is called as a dry cleaning method. It is when this one is being used that no water is being utilized. The whole process starts with vacuuming and then application of a dry ingesting mixture over the carpet using the vacuum still, it is with the help of the mixture that dirt and soil will also be pulled out. Once the carpet is thoroughly dried, it is vacuumed more to remove any excess compound.


Another carpet cleaning method at is what is called as a bonnet cleaning method. It is when this one is done that soaking pads that are used. It is the bonnet cleaning method that uses a cleaning solution with the help of a  power driven sprayer. Once the cleaning solution has settled, it is the soaking pads that are then placed on the carpet, it is the pads that will absorb all f the grime that accumulated in the carpet over a period of time. This method is considered to be less expensive and is perfect for regular cleaning.


The next type is the hot water extraction method or also known as steam cleaning technique. There will be a chemical base solution that will be placed on the carpet to loosen dirt and remove any oil particles away from the carpet. After that one, hot water is then applied to the carpet. A vacuum will then do the after work and will remove any excess solvent left in the carpet.  It is this method that is best when you will be looking for a deep cleaning solution.


And the last type is the dry foaming. It is this one that uses a special kind of chemicals which s placed on the carpet and worked into a foam. There is an equipment used that has blades on them to create the foam that is needed. It is the foam that removes all the dirt and grime and vacuuming it afterward will finish the job off.